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Here is an image of how the inventory will work:

Screenshot of Project Marianne

I hope this will make it easier to switch between items without having to open up the inventory. The only problem is I'm not sure if it will be clear to people that they will not be able to use anything until they make the final switch with 0. Perhaps I could make the items transparent when they cannot be used. I could also make the number larger or circle the number/ change the number color in order to show which pocket is selected without having it be confusing about which actual slot is being selected. Maybe there could be yellow tabs above the boxes to show which pocket is being selected and you could scroll through them like an actual folder. Or! Perhaps draw a physical line/arrow connecting the 0 box to the yellow "folders/pockets." Part of the tutorial should be to reach inside the other folders/pockets in order to find an item. Maybe the 0 box could glow or blink as a hint to press it so it feels less handholdy. What if the line pointing to each folder glowed when it was selected and went back from green to yellow when it was done being selected and the other arrows would go dark.