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I am currently working on a project known right now as Project Marianne, after the name of the main character. It is in very early development and I have just released the second update to the game.

Use WASD to control Marianne. Press space to jump. Press 1 to switch to the hammer and left click on blocks to break them. Press 2 to switch to the sickle and left click on Orbis Fruit plants to break them. You can also switch between the two using the mouse scroll wheel.
Update 2 is now available for download.
Changes include:
1.The yellow blocks are now known as pecunium walls.
2.A new block has been added called combustium. It is red and will be important to the story of the game.
3.Sound effects have been added for:
 -landing on metal
 -walking on metal
 -breaking metal
 -cutting orbis fruit with a sickle
 -orbis fruit plants crumbling when blocks underneath have been destroyed
4.There are now midground blocks, which have been implemented for combustium walls.
5.The background has been changed.
6.Debug text has been removed.
7.A bug has been fixed where the final instance of an object could not be destroyed.
8.A bug has been fixed where the player could get stuck and not be able to move without jumping.
9.You can now utilize the scroll wheel to change between tools.
 -An update is planned to add the ability to change items, and provide a GUI for this process.
10. Object interaction code has been overhauled and tool sprite hitboxes have been changed to be more intuitive.
11. Marianne's shirt is now red.